Join us

At Wildland, we believe that the users should always be in control of their data. We are devoted to create a protocol and an ecosystem, which enables data management agnostic to the underlying infrastructure, with the user always in the driver seat. With Wildland, application developers will be able to build apps which by definition protect users’ digital sovereignty.

We are not looking for any new team members at the moment. However, if you believe in our project, please send us an email with your CV attached to and share your thoughts on Wildland. We are always interested in connecting with talented and motivated people who share our vision.

Recruitment process


Firstly, you will get a task to solve, which one one hand is a chance for you to show us what you can do, and on the other it can give you an insight into the kind of challenges you’ll have a chance to tackle while working with us.


We are recruiting a tech specialist, but we’re also recruiting a new colleague for our team. This step in the recruitment process is an online conversation, not about tech itself, but about your interests, values and about how you look at some of the challenges our world faces.

It can also be a chance for you to ask any questions you have about the project. Before this interview, get yourself familiar with the Wildland Paper.

Your solution

This step of the recruitment process takes place in our office in Warsaw and is a meeting with the whole managing team. During the meeting you’ll be asked to show how you tackled the task we gave you and explain the whole process. You may also be asked to make small changes in the project. Keep in mind we aren’t looking for people who never make mistakes, but for those who think and look for solutions.


After a successful presentation we will talk about how we’ll be working together, the type of contract and when you’ll be able to start. Welcome to the team!

Why us

A meaningful career

Most people who work on the project joined because of the mission behind it and because they wanted to work on an ambitious project, which has a positive impact.

Open source

We see ourselves as part of the open source community and all our software is distributed under the GNU GPL licence.

Small team

You can have an impact on the directions our organization might take and have a chance to collaborate on a daily basis with world-class specialists.


Our goal is to empower individual users and hand them back control over their own data. Join us to work on challenging projects which make a real difference.

Work-life balance

We encourage work-life balance so that you can enjoy your time working here while also having enough free time to pursue hobbies and do whatever you want.

Competitive salary

The problems we are trying to solve require the cooperation of talented and committed people and we are happy to compensate them adequately.