Freedom for your data

Wildland is a docker for your data. You can store, organize and access your data however and wherever you want. Wildland is backend-agnostic, open source, and comes with a competitive, multiparty marketplace for storage as well as user-controlled governance.

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Keep your data locally or host it with a provider of your choice, using fine-grained access control.


Easily move your data from one cloud storage to another, without having to manually set up accounts on any of them.

Bottom-up directories

Share your information with others without relying on any centralized databases or lookup systems.


Set up many different paths to your data and access it by any one of them.


Split your digital life into several domains. Set up different identities for different purposes, protecting your interests.


As a developer, use Wildland as a storage solution for apps in which end users have full control over their data.

Why are we doing this?

The current internet model heavily favors service providers over users

Our data is stored and processed by global tech giants who profit from monetizing our attention and online behavior. Our feeds and search results are generated by secret algorithms that try to influence our views and choices.

By attacking centralized infrastructure malicious hackers can disrupt our digital life even when we ourselves are not their intended targets.

We can be cut off from our accounts based on the decisions of an uncountable entity, and lose access to our data when the provider decides to end its operation in certain areas or shut down the service entirely.

Wildland aims to change all that by introducing a data-oriented approach to software. In Wildland it is the user who is the sovereign.

Wildland in action

  • Multi categorization

    Wildland uses a novel system of addressing in which access paths are like tags and data can be categorized in multiple ways which allow for uniquely comprehensive management of knowledge.

  • Backend-agnosticism

    Wildland is not dependent on any particular type of infrastructure. Users can store and process their data locally or on cloud backends of their own choosing.

  • Easy replication and data sharing

    Wildland containers can be replicated on multiple backends, each with different access policies defined, which allows for easy information sharing and robust data protection at the same time.

  • Transaction automatization

    Wildland automates transactions for cloud storage and keeps storage usage within user-defined limits. Users no longer need to set up their own accounts on various cloud storage services and closely monitor their usage to make sure they do not pay exorbitant fees that result from exceeding their quota.

  • Decentralization, privacy, availability

    Wildland allows for the creation of apps in which users have control over who has access to their data and where it is stored, ensuring privacy and data availability.

How it works

Redefining the way we
manage our digital data

Wildland is an open source project.
If you have access to a suitable infrastructure you can use it for free.

Self-defined containers

Wildland stores data in self-defined containers that have a special manifest attached to them containing information like access paths, ownership, and underlying infrastructure details. By storing so much meta-data in the container itself, Wildland effectively decouples containers from infrastructure.

Cascading addressing

Wildland uses a novel addressing system that allows for easy sharing and discovery of resources without relying on a centralized lookup system. Directories are created organically from the bottom up. Anyone can build a container directory and share it with others.

Payments with GLM

If you don’t have access to a suitable infrastructure or if you need additional storage for your data you will be able to purchase it on Wildland marketplace. Part of each payment will be converted into GLM to generate a Proof-of-Usage token that will give you certain decision rights within Wildland’s unique governance system.

User-defined organization

Wildland’s governance system ensures that the protocol's heaviest users have the strongest influence on its future development, and defends the ecosystem against malicious proposals.

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