At Wildland, we believe that the users should always be in control of their data. We are devoted to creating a protocol and an ecosystem enabling data management agnosticism in relation to the underlying infrastructure, with the user always staying in the driver’s seat. With Wildland, application developers will be able to build apps which by definition protect the users’ digital sovereignty.

We are looking for a skilled software engineer interested in decentralized technologies to join our team working on Wildland’s macOS and iOS client.

Locations: Zug/Zurich, Warsaw, Berlin, remote

Core responsibilties

  • Analysing user and technical requirements
  • Writing and testing code (macOS and iOS clients)
  • Communicating with other engineers working on the project and with the project manager


  • Good command of Swift
  • Solid understanding of AppKit and/or UIKit (+ willingness to learn the other)
  • Experience working on a project with multiple contributors (using Git, submitting and reviewing a PR, writing automated test)
  • Ability to deal with multiple threads, knowing how to use GCD and what Lock is
  • Caring about code quality (i.e. you feel uneasy every time you submit a PR reducing code coverage)
  • Experience with high-level networking (i.e. writing code interfacing with REST services)


  • Previous experience or willingness to learn SwiftUI
  • Knowing or feeling comfortable with learning some of the other technologies we use in our project will make you feel happier during your time with us: Objective C, C, Python, app extensions
  • Some understanding of operating systems in general, and specifically UNIX (in a more general sense than macOS): we work with file systems, network protocols, POSIX APIs

What we offer

  • You will get the chance to have a meaningful career. Our goal is to change how data is managed on a global level.
  • You will gain an opportunity to work on an extremely ambitious project, built around cutting-edge technologies.
  • We are still a relatively small organization, so it’s a perfect moment to join if you want to help us shape the development of our projects.
  • We are open source and believe in sharing our work with the world.
  • We offer a competitive salary, including additional incentives.
  • We are a stable and well-funded organization which aims at achieving long-term and far-reaching objectives. This means we can focus on what matters to us without distractions.

Before applying, please learn more about Wildland:

You can contact us at:

If you don’t match the job description listed here but you believe in our project, please send us an email with your CV attached to and share your thoughts on Wildland. We are always interested in connecting with talented and motivated people who share our vision.