At Wildland, we believe that the users should always be in control of their data. We are devoted to creating a protocol and an ecosystem enabling data management agnosticism in relation to the underlying infrastructure, with the user always staying in the driver’s seat. With Wildland, application developers will be able to build apps which by definition protect the users’ digital sovereignty.

We are looking for a skilled public communicator, community infiltrator, and knowledgeable digital sovereignty evangelist, for a full-time role beggining immediately. You will be responsible for the critical aspects of Wildland’s external communication.

Locations: Zug/Zurich, Warsaw, Berlin, remote

Core responsibilities

  • Communicating with entire communities and specific thought-leaders in a positive and considerate way
  • Establishing and maintaining active relationships with relevant parties and potential/actual business partners, in particular with software vendors, discussing WL technical requirements and defining expected WL new features
  • Writing blog posts, articles, papers, comments, etc.
  • Conducting interviews, being interviewed, generally advocating/evangelizing for Wildland and the general trends that its existence espouses


  • Excellent writing and speaking communication skills in English, preferably native command
  • Established position as a technology advocate/communicator, in particular documented public speaking engagements, participation in podcasts and authored articles or blogposts. A personal social media profile (preferably Twitter) with a substantial reach and engagement would be a big asset
  • Experience and passion in at least some of the following topics: personal data management, data sovereignty, blockchain, cloud storage and computing, decentralization, open source movement
  • High technical skills: you will be tasked with describing and demonstrating the project to technical audiences. Software engineering/development experience is not a strict requirement, but may turn our to be very useful in this position. At the minimum, you must feel comfortable with command-line tools and git, be able to interact with prototype software as well as to understand and be able to contribute to its documentation.
  • Ability to visit Warsaw, Poland on a regular basis (for a few days every 1-2 months, we don’t require relocation).

What we offer

  • You will get the chance to have a meaningful career. Our goal is to change how data is managed on a global level.
  • You will gain an opportunity to work on an extremely ambitious project, built around cutting-edge technologies.
  • We are still a relatively small organization, so it’s a perfect moment to join if you want to help us shape the development of our projects.
  • We are open source and believe in sharing our work with the world.
  • We offer a competitive salary, including additional incentives.
  • We are a stable and well funded organization which aims at achieving long-term and far-reaching objectives. This means we can focus on what matters to us without distractions.

Before applying, please read more about Wildland:

You can contact us at

If you don’t match the job description listed here but you believe in our project, please send us an email with your CV attached to and share your thoughts on Wildland. We are always interested in connecting with talented and motivated people who share our vision.